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Navigated to Institutional Student Conduct: Non-Academic Conduct Code: Disorderly Conduct.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly or obscene conduct or breach of the peace on College property or at any function sponsored or supervised by the College or any recognized College organization is prohibited.

No person shall push, strike, or physically assault any member of the faculty, administration, staff, student body, or any visitor to the campus.

Any classroom behavior that interferes with the instructor’s ability to conduct class, failure to conform to the faculty member’s announced expectations for the classroom, or the ability of other students to learn.

Conduct on College property or at functions sponsored or supervised by the College or any recognized College organization which materially interferes with the normal operation of the College or the requirements of appropriate discipline is prohibited.

No student shall enter or attempt to enter any dance, social, athletic, or any other event sponsored or supervised by the College without credentials for admission (official ABAC identification card ticket, invitation, etc.) or in violation of any reasonable qualifications established for attendance. At such College functions a student must present proper credentials to properly identified College faculty or staff upon request.

Conduct and/or expressions which are obscene, or which are offensive to the prevailing standards of an academic community are prohibited.

No student shall interfere with, give false name to, or fail to cooperate with any properly identified College officials while these persons are in performance of their duties.

Verbal or sexual harassment, terroristic threats or abuse, and sexual assault are prohibited.

No student shall deliberately fail to heed a disciplinary summons, oral or written, to report to an administrative official or student conduct committee.

Failure to comply fully with a disciplinary sanction is prohibited.

The use of cell phones, pagers, or any other electronic devices in a manner that causes a disruption in the classroom, library, or other college facilities is prohibited unless permitted by the faculty member.