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Student Complaint Procedures

Purpose: ABAC recognizes the importance of providing procedures for fair and equitable resolution of student complaints.

Complaints should be resolved at the lowest administrative level and in the most equitable way possible. The burden of proof rests with the student who submits a complaint. Students who elect the complaint process should not fear prejudice or reprisal for initiating the process or participating in its resolution.

Definition: For these purposes, a complaint is defined as dissatisfaction or disagreement with any decision or action that affects ABAC students. However, a complaint may not be filed concerning administrative decisions regarding the routine operation of the College, including but not limited to the scheduling of classes, tuition and fee assessments, financial aid awards, reservation of facilities, or the policies of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. There is a separate process for the appeal of grades, reinstatement of financial aid, academic exclusion, and matters which pertain to the Student Code of Conduct. Complaints covered by policies already in place (e.g., Student employment, grade appeals, sexual harassment, discrimination, student conduct, etc.) are excluded from these guidelines.


  1. A student with a complaint should seek to resolve the problem through discussion with the individual involved. If a sufficient resolution is not reached, the student has the option to submit a written complaint using the Student Complaint Form on the Dean of Students or CARE Team website.

  2. The complaint process will follow the chain of command of the department/office in question until a resolution is found.

The goal of the process is a successful resolution of the problem.