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Change of Schedule (Drop/Add)

During the drop/add period, students may change their schedule through Banner Web. Students are discouraged from changing schedules after classes begin. However, consideration is given to every request for a change in students' programs, and recommendations are made in accordance with the student's educational goals and individual needs. Students can contact Academic Support if they have difficulties making schedule changes or have questions.

If a schedule change becomes necessary after registration, all changes should be made during the official drop/add period at the beginning of the semester. The drop/add period is published in the official Academic Calendar. 

After the drop/add period, students must follow the withdrawal policyA student, who paid out-of-pocket, must withdraw from all classes to receive a partial refund after drop/add. Tuition and fee refunds are based on the date the student has withdrawn from all classes. Click here to see the Withdrawal Refund Schedule for more information. Questions about refunds can be directed to Student Accounts,