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Gold Card

Your ABAC Gold Card is your official ABAC ID card. In addition to being a required photo ID for ABAC events and services, you can use your Gold Card to make purchases where services are available. All students are expected to carry a picture ABAC ID with them whenever they are on an ABAC location. Do not lend your ID to anyone for any reason. IDs must be surrendered to any ABAC college official (ABAC Police, faculty, staff, RA, etc.) upon request. IDs will be required to enter the ABAC Dining Hall and other campus activities. Fake IDs are prohibited and the student will be turned over to the Office of Dean of Students for sanctioning. In Tifton, Gold Cards are made in the John Hunt Town Center. At the Bainbridge Site see Student Services in the Mobley Administration Building.

New IDs will be issued each fall. Lost IDs will incur a $25 charge, while damaged IDs are replaced at no cost. Money must be deposited into your ABAC Gold Card general dollars account in order to activate the debit card function. Deposits can be made at several locations using the allocated deposit machines. Deposits of $50 minimum, can be made at the cashier’s window on 1st floor of Carlton Center in Tifton. When purchases are made, the amount of the purchase is automatically deducted from the Gold Card account up to the available balance. There are no interest charges, monthly service charges, or annual maintenance fees to use your card.

Lost, Stolen, or Replacement Cards

Report immediately any lost or stolen card or unauthorized card usage in person to the ABAC Gold Card office during regular business hours. After hours, contact ABAC Police at (229) 391-5060 and then return to the Gold Card Office the following business day to purchase a new card. You are responsible for all usage of the card prior to proper notification.

If possible, in all circumstances of card replacement, the old card should be turned in to be destroyed. There is no charge for the replacement of damaged cards. There is a fee of $25 for all lost cards.

Damaged cards are replaced at no cost as long as the damaged card is returned. New IDs are issued each fall. Residential students will receive new cards upon check in to the residence halls. Commuter students on the Tifton campus may pick up their Gold Cards beginning the second week of July from the John Hunt Town Center.

Photo Submissions

Visit the Gold Card webpage for online photo submission guidelines at  Students may also have a picture taken at the Gold Card Office in the John Hunt Town Center.


A number of local businesses including restaurants, provide discounts to ABAC students with their ABAC Gold Cards.