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Academic Advising

New students are assigned to a faculty advisor shortly after the semester begins. A student's advisor information is located on their Degree Works page inside the MyABAC portal. Students work closely with their faculty advisor each semester to develop an academic program map and plan classes accordingly. A student who has not declared a major (undecided) will work with a faculty advisor from the School of Arts and Sciences. Academic Support provides supplemental advising for all students and can answer questions about advisor assignments, class registration, and major changes. Students are required to meet with their faculty advisor before registration each semester. During a student's advising appointment, the faculty advisor will enable the student to register in Banner Web.

DegreeWorks is the online degree audit system ABAC uses to record a student's progress in satisfying degree requirements. Students can access DegreeWorks by logging into MyABAC and clicking on the DegreeWorks app.