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Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)

With approximately 60 student clubs and organizations, ABAC should have at least one group to match the interests of every student. Most major fields of study have an affiliated club, which sponsors activities and programs to supplement students’ learning in the classroom. Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Theta Kappa cater to honors students. The College Republicans, Young Democratic Socialists, and College Democrats provide opportunities for students to debate and participate in current events. The Cultural Latinx Club and IMPACT focus on various cultural interests. Other clubs, such as the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) emphasize the spiritual side of college life. So, choose a club (or start a new one!) that looks interesting.

The Student Government Association oversees mandatory bi-monthly meetings with our Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) during Fall and Spring semesters with ABAC’s student club/organization leaders. Joint SGA/RSO meetings on the Tifton campus serve as a resource, leadership forum, and advocacy group for recognized student organizations. The joint SGA/RSO meetings strive to ensure that student groups at ABAC work cooperatively and within the guidelines set forth by the institution. The meeting schedule is communicated in advance to the students via Office of Student Affairs and SGA communications and is subject to change based on the ABAC academic calendar.