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Navigated to Student Services: Safety App: LiveSafe.

Safety App: LiveSafe

LiveSafe puts a mobile security system in the hands of students at the Tifton campus so they can feel involved and empowered to do something when they see something. Users can send texts, photos, videos and precise location information to report incidents ranging from routine maintenance needs to suspicious activity to safety threats. LiveSafe’s cloud-based command dashboard receives tips in real- time and allows the ABAC Police to respond via secure, live messaging.

LiveSafe in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Download - Search for and download “LiveSafe” from the Apple App or Google Play app stores. Open LiveSafe on your device.

  2. Sign up and verify your account - Register using your mobile phone number or tap “use email” to sign up with your email instead. Follow the verification instructions (either via SMS text if registering with your phone number or via email if using your email account). Once verified, fill out your profile and create a password. Tap “next.”

  3. Select your organization - Your organization should appear at the top of the list if it is nearby. Otherwise, search for and select it. You’ll know you are in the right place when you see your organization’s logo at the top. When prompted, enable push notifications and location services to receive full benefits of the LiveSafe app. You’re set!

  • Share info with safety and security. Submit tips related to safety concerns and attach a photo, video, or audio file. You can even do it anonymously.

  • Access resources. Have quick access to emergency information, site resources, and more.

  • Tab navigation: Home. Keeps ABAC-related functionality in one place within the app.

  • Get LiveSafe. Download “LiveSafe” from the App Store or Google Play. Register and fill out your profile. Select ABAC. You’re set!

  • Request help in an emergency. Quickly access emergency numbers. Safety officials can leverage location-data in an emergency, allowing for faster response times.

  • Help ensure you get home safely. Request a police escort.

  • Tab navigation: SafeWalk and Notifications. Makes it easier to quickly start a peer-to- peer SafeWalk and access broadcast messages.