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Registration is the process of signing up for classes. Students are required to be advised by their faculty advisor before their priority registration date. Registration is completed through Banner.

Rush to Register (advisement and early registration event) occurs each fall and spring semester. During this time, students are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with their academic advisor to plan their course schedule for the next semester, so that they may register early during Priority Registration. Priority registration dates can be found in the academic calendar and are based on the following earned hours (earned hours are defined as credits attained from all courses, including transfer work, AP classes, and summer courses a student has successfully passed):

Priority 0 – Graduating next term

Priority 1 – 70 or more hours

Priority 2 – 36 or more hours

Priority 3 – 15 or more hours

Priority 4 – All other students currently enrolled (1 or more hours)

Priority 5 – Readmits, returning not presently enrolled, transfer, and transient students

Students are required to meet with an academic advisor each semester before they can register. Students can register by clicking on the Banner Web app inside the MyABAC portal. Holds blocking registration in Banner Web may also be viewed. Students who experience difficulties registering or have questions can contact Academic Support by email at, phone 229.391.4995, or by visiting us on the third floor of the Carlton Center.