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Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a member of the ABAC community, students possess certain rights and responsibilities in their pursuit of a life-changing experience which affords them the opportunity to prepare for their role in the communities in which they will live and work. All members of the ABAC community bear a responsibility to contribute to an environment that is conducive to the educational experiences of teaching, studying, learning, and participating.

In their pursuit of a life-changing experience, students have the right to a safe and productive learning environment in which they enjoy freedom of speech, expression, and association. Students have the right to study, to pursue grievances, and to due process in student discipline. They have the right to privacy and the right to review their academic records as outlined by College policies and procedures.

Within this right, the College will release educational records only with written permission as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) Institutional Policy (FERPA or Buckley Amendment).