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ABAC Parking Decals & Guidelines

All ABAC locations have plenty of parking spaces for students, faculty, and visitors. It is the responsibility of all members of the campus community to acquaint themselves with the rules and regulations regarding parking on the Bainbridge and Tifton locations. The ABAC Police Department regulates traffic and parking on this campus pursuant to Georgia law 20-3-21.

The College reserves the right to refuse, restrict, or revoke the privilege of having a motor vehicle on College property. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is state property. Uniform rules of the road (OCGA Title 40) are applicable, as well as the appropriate rules and regulations of the Board of Regents. The College reserves the right to remove, at the owner’s expense, or to lockdown with an immobilization device any vehicle that is illegally parked, abandoned, or determined to be a hazard by the ABAC Police Department. The registrant of a vehicle is legally responsible for the safe and proper use of said vehicle while on the campus.

Faculty/Staff parking areas are identified and clearly marked throughout the campus by the designation F/S or Employee Parking. All privately owned vehicles belonging to the Faculty/Staff will be parked in an authorized parking space or area designated for Faculty/Staff/Employee. ABAC does not assume any liability resulting from damage to a registrant’s or visitor’s vehicle, nor of damage resulting from a registrant or visitor’s vehicle. The ABAC Police is the primary agency responsible for law enforcement and traffic/parking management on the ABAC campus.

The driver of any vehicle that becomes involved in an accident on ABAC property will stop their vehicle and contact the ABAC Police at (229) 391-5060. The driver will remain on the scene until the accident investigation is completed.

The speed limit in all parking lots on the Tifton campus is 10 MPH. Speed limits on roadways are posted.

All privately owned two- and three-wheeled motorized vehicles are subject to the provisions of the parking services regulations.

Student employees of all types are considered students as far as parking regulations are concerned.

Students may apply for a parking decal at the ABAC Police Department in Evans Hall or online at by clicking on parking decal signup form.

All vehicles parked on campus are required to be registered with the ABAC Police Department.

Traffic Appeals

  • The Traffic Appeals Committee requires receipt of the Citation appeal within 7 calendar days of ticket issuance. The appeals are submitted electronically to the ABAC Police Office in Evans Hall in Tifton.

  • All appeals must be submitted electronically. The Traffic Appeal Form can be found here:

  • There is no hearing to attend.

  • Immobilizations and tow fines will not be considered for appeal.

  • Notifications of appeal decisions can be determined by contacting the ABAC Police Department the following Monday after the appeal is heard in traffic court.

  • Traffic Appeals Committee meets every Thursday, with the exception of school holidays.

  • Traffic appeals must be submitted by Thursday 3 PM of the day of traffic court to be considered on that docket or they will be heard the following Thursday.

  • Decals must be acquired by the first week of class every semester.

  • Students should only display one current decal on their vehicle.

  • Decals are valid for one year. New decals are given every August for the new school year.